My FIRST Balenciaga!!~

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  1. Hi there everyone!!~ I'm actually pretty new to this part of the forum i'm usually always at the LV part but have recently expanded my collection and added a Bbag to the family. I seriously can't believe I didn't look into Balenciaga bags earlier!~ I absolutely adore the leather. I love my new bag soooooo much that i wanted to share it with you guys. keke.

    Now I present to you my new Grenat Work!!!!~ :yahoo::girlsigh::love::drool::heart:


  2. WOW!!!:nuts: That's stunning!!! :love::love::love: Congrats on your grenat work~ it's beautiful!!! :heart:
  3. congrats!!! such a beautiful color
  4. amazing color, congrats on such an awesome bag!! and welcome to the dark side :welcome:
  5. Congrats and welcome to the obsession. :nuts:
  6. Wow!!! It is not easy to acquire a Grenat Work in a new condition. This truly a great find. Congratulation!!!
  7. Hi AestHetiC!! Beautiful that color. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Oh that is so beautiful!!! The Work style is slowly becoming my favorite, and Grenat is awesome! You can wear it with almost anything!
  9. Lovely!!! What a great color!!!
  10. congrats! it is so pretty!
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats! And as you're coming over to bbags, I'm contemplating venturing into LV! It's fun to expand into new designers, isn't it (even if it is a bit dangerous for the wallet)?
  12. Congrats! I'll be seeing you here and on the LV side too.:smile:
  13. Gorgeous! The more I see a Work in a color I want ...
  14. That is really gorgeous!!
  15. Congrats! Beautiful color choice!