my first balenciaga!

  1. I blame all of you! How could I resist after looking at the gorgeous bags here?? So, I am now a proud momma of a first (don't know the color name) But I just wanted your opinions because i love the shape, texture, size, feel. Except I'm just not sure i loove the color. There weren't a lot of choices at my Saks but i REALLY wanted one. Should I wait for a color i love?? It is starting to grow on me. Lemme know what you think...



  2. Wow! Is that a Bleu Glacier First???!!!

    If you're not totally in love, you should wait for the total right colour for you, or you'll end up selling. The BG First is a wonderful choice for your first Bbag. I know you'll be the envy on many on this forum!
  3. It looks like NAVY from FW 05. What does the Letter on the silver tag say?

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. It's too cute and you look great with it!
    But I'd say go for the color you really like otherwise you can't just stop thinking of others when they become available.
    Ask around other stores to see if they have the color you like. :yes:
  5. The First style is probably my favorite Bal style, and the color is soo pretty!! Goes great with jeans too... but if you're second guessing it, maybe you should check out some other colors, and see if another one grabs you... good luck! :smile:
  6. there is an N at the beginning of the silver tag. and i remember seeing 2005 on a card inside. nicely done incoralblue. i didn't realize they keep the older ones in stock, i just figured it was new. does that mean no one wanted it?
  7. it really could be Navy 05.

    I'm talking about the letter at the end (right) opposite of the letter N
  8. Its a very pretty bag!

    However, as for colors ... if you don't feel like you really like it -I think you should wait for the color you love. Balenciaga comes out with many brilliant colors for their season and you will eventually find one you like. Take note that you might be overwhelm with the color selection from past and future seasons, but you'll know when it's the perfect one for you!
  9. it's the letter Z
  10. Wow...that's a great bbag...u look fabulous with the bag...i also feel that it's a 05 navy color.....congrats for ur first bag!!
  11. ooh i think it's beautiful! i love all the balenciaga blues.. but you should definitely find a color that you love and not one that you don't mind.. especially since the fall/winter 07 bags are about to be released.. and i use "about" loosely. ;) it's supposed to be out in 1-2 months (depending on who you ask..).

    if you don't mind me asking, which Saks is it?
  12. Saks@ town center, boca raton.
  13. thanks :smile: i'm like i must go visit this saks where there are 05 firsts available! unfortunately, i'm on the other side of the country so no new 05 firsts for me.. :sad: congrats on yours though!
  14. I think she's gorgeous.
  15. yay! Definitely Navy 05