My first Balenciaga!!!~~~~

  1. Hello~
    I recently won this Balenciaga Money wallet on eBay. I've been in love with Balenciaga for quite a while though and somehow never managed to save up enough to buy the City (i blame my denim addiction :p ). I decided to start out small. The seller accepted my best offer fairly quickly, so I'm afraid it might be fake?
    Heres a link to the auction.

    eBay: 100% Authentic Balenciaga Red Wallet - RARE (item 220091871989 end time Mar-15-07 09:03:24 PDT)

    Thanks y'all.

    PS College courses could seriously be offered on authenticating designer items.
  2. congrats on the purchase but sorry cant offer any thoughts on it being authentic. The photobucket links will not open so i cant see the other pics! Wait for the experts!
  3. i was eyeing that too... wasn't sure whether it was authentic or not myself, i was too lazy to copy and paste all those links into a new browser window :| i hope it's good!
  4. nice color!
  5. i think it looks good. The leather is the right texture...i'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
  6. congrats but post it in the authenticate thread to check on authenticity.:smile: