my first balenciaga -the black WORK!

  1. i just had to post pics and hear your opinions... this is my first B-Bag, so i am very excited and it is beautiful IMHO. the leather is so soft! i have read a lot about the difference in leathers, but i haven't seen enough of these bags to assess... this one doesn't seem that veiny and has a really soft, smooshy quality to it, but that is to my unpracticed eye and fingers :shame:. (it is a Fall 06).

    would love to hear your thoughts and thank you all for being instrumental in starting me along my new addiction (i am on the prowl now for a twiggy!)


  2. the leather looks great.. no veins but i would try to condition it a bit with apple care conditioner.. =)
  3. Gorgeous bag, congrats!
  4. looks GREAT!!! :biggrin: i have a 06 black city.. and the leather is just like urs... thick & smooshy!!

  5. That is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!:love: It looks really soft!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. PERFECT choice for a first b bags!!! :yahoo:
    i wonder why i didn't think of that before :p
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats it looks soft.Enjoy your new addiction,lol.
  9. Congratulations! The leather looks fab:yes:

    Enjoy your new Black Work:yahoo:
  10. Good choice. Congrats.:yahoo:
  11. A Black Balenciaga is timeless!

  12. congrats the leather on your work looks great
  13. Gorgeous! You will love it! :love:
  14. Wonderful! I love it... and I'm jealous. I really want a work too.
  15. That is a beautiful bag. I really like the work style.