My first Balenciaga - Reveal - City and Mini City

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  1. I prefer the City. The Mini City looked ridiculously small on me. But this is just me. I love looking at the bag but not on me. On you I also prefer the City but I might be biased here.
  2. i like the bigger one better too. but most of my friends for some reason prefer the mini. but they dont really understand why people buy expensive handbags so i think that factors in a little bit? i dont know :P
  3. smart girl!! :graucho::graucho::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Congrats on both! They are lovely!! Happy early birthday!!
  5. They both look so good on you, the mini city is so cute! Happy birthday :amuse:
  6. Thanks! there def wont be nearly as much or as exciting to look forward to on the day of! :P
  7. They look so pretty, definitely you are gonna get the use of the both sizes and colors
  8. Thank you! ive been using the mini everyday and the classic on wknds :cool:
  9. Woo 👍👏
  10. Congratulations! Both bags look fantastic, especially loving your Mini City. Advance Happy Birthday! :yahoo:
  11. Wow those bags look gorgeous on u :smile:
  12. Congratulations on your beautiful purses, both are in very practical and durable colors! Good start! And Happy Upcoming Birthday ;)
  13. Thank you guys!!! It was a wonderful bday!!!
  14. Wow soooooo gorgeous, happy birthday! They look great on u!
  15. Congrats, looks great on you!!