My first Balenciaga - Reveal - City and Mini City

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  1. Beautiful, I love the hardware on the bag.
  2. I did and i double-checked again. I'm probably gonna go back tomorrow or the day after and check in person. i dont know how they will be able to dig it up if it werent there in the first place though :sad:
  3. Me too!! i debated between the tassel or the hardware and the hardware won on both accounts
  4. Gorgeous! The hardware is amazing it really pops!
  5. GORGEOUS, congrats!!!
  6. #21 Oct 30, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
    So i went back to George V and they gave me the card to another bag i said before, the first bag was softer and grayer, and felt a bit broken in so i wasn't sure if it was a return (Especially when it doesnt have tags). the SA assured me that it was brand new, but i guess paranoia got the best of me. The newer one Fall 2013 3 is darker in colour, glossier, but the leather is more papery - and i went with that one instead....i really hope i dont end up regretting it.

    They had a super smooth and soft Giant 21 bag i saw today too - and i almost got that one, but im really not a big fan of the ginormous hardware on the City...i didnt know this was so hard!

    First one I returned - softer and lighter in colour, feels broken in and no paper year tag

    Second one I got - papery, glossier, blacker 2013 f/w

    Giant 21 - soft soft leather - no year tag
  7. two presents in a day; you're so lucky! your bf is a keeper ;)
  8. Congrats! two Bbags in one day, ooohhh!!!!!
  9. Thanks! I couldnt decide between the classic or the mini and he said he'd get me the mini for my bday - although he said it wouldnt be a romantic surprise and he wasnt sure if i were okay with it...of course i was!! haha :graucho:
  10. haha yeah i know - i told myself one bag a year - at least one of them wasn't from my budget :P
  11. Congrats! Two wonderful purchases. On another note I'm the type that loses paper tags or throws them away since I don't plan on selling my bags and have too much stuff lying around anyway.
  12. Honestly when i got my mini city and saw the paper tag i had no idea what it was and just threw it aside with the rest of the tags.

    The thing was, I got a bit apprehensive about the condition of the leather of the black city and thats why i started reading up on it - considering the bag came with no tag and no swatches but it was supposedly a 2013 bag, that got me all worried. I'm super happy with the one i have exchanged for now. I don't care about the tags either, but it does give me a piece of mind that the first bag i paid close to 2k for is brand new. :smile:

    Your comment about you throwing away tags makes me feel a lot better though. Reading some of the threads made me feel like i need to be extra careful with all the stuff just in case i need the info one day, for whatever reason. I don't plan on selling my bags, but you never know right?
  13. True about the bag being brand new :smile: and about never knowing if one needs to sell one day or not. But I'm still too much of a klutz and would lose the tags even if I tried to store them :lol: anyway, glad you're happy with the guaranteed new 2013 bag!
  14. haha - i didn't realize it was you that was saying you were too lazy about the bottom of the sag. I think we share the same attitude about keeping our bags as new as when they arrived, etc.; except i don't know what i would be like if i had bags like yours! are you more careful with your birkin?
  15. I was very careful with my Birkin at the beginning, but I still set all my bags with feet down on the ground (unless they have a saggy bottom, then feet are useless anyway) if it looks halfway clean, dry and non sticky. But I don't baby it more than my Bal, especially since my B is in clemence leather which seems to be more durable than the Bal leather. I do have to watch out with my B more as it's more structured and has a wider and solid (wood...) base, but then again I really can't stand anyone/thing bumping into me and vice versa, no matter what bag I'm wearing so I care for all my bags the same (apart from LV canvas, Prada saffiano and Goyard canvas, I have rain pouring down on it and down care at all as it doesn't affect the material or the contents).