My first Balenciaga: Pine City

  1. I waited sooooo long for the day that I'd buy my very first Balenciaga. I saved, I shopped and bought a delicious Pine City :heart:. It was truly love at first sight. And best of all, it was on sale so I saved some good money :yahoo:

    I could not quite capture the deep, rich colours of the bag as I used the flash because it's night. I will take more in daylight soon :tup:

    Oh my gosh I cannot tell you all how elated I am with my purchase :yahoo::yahoo:

    Here are some pics:

  2. I love that color, congrats on such a great bag!
  3. congratulations!!! it looks gorgeous!! the color seems so satured!!
  4. simply stunning! congrats to you!
  5. That is a beautiful bag. The color is just TDF.
  6. Congrats, Pine is MAJOR!
  7. congrats, it is beautiful
  8. That color is one of my favorites. Congrats on a great bag! This is a wonderful first choice.
  9. Congrats on your first bbag, great choice in color and style!! :smile:
  10. love it!:tup:
  11. So deep and gorgeous!! Congrats on your first bbag! :yahoo: Pine is definitely a beauty :love:
  12. Excellent choice and I love the deep color and I am not ususally a "green" person. Where did you find it on sale?
  13. beautiful green!!
  14. Congrats!!

    I can't wait to see daylight pics :yes:
  15. wow, congrats! It's beautiful!