My first Balenciaga NY visit~

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  1. My DH suddenly asked me if I wanted to go to NYC for of course I said YES never say no to NY trip..(went 20th-24th)
    Finally I went to Bal-NY store (Tuesday)and met Terry and Daisy..and got some pics for lovely B-girls

    Here is pic of my DH walking to the store and me and Terry..(I got permission from her already :graucho:)

    And there was Magenta Silver GH city bag..(it was displayed so I took my camera out and just took it for you ladies~..Thank God nobody was out there..
    coz I know you guys want to see it )

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  2. uh bal checks in on the PF once in a while, so if you post a photo of yourself they'll know you took that pic!!!
  3. I remember that sa! thats funny I was there that same Tuesday! (but around 6pm). I'm sure many will love that you took that picture!!! wow you are brave! I would've been scurred. lol!!
  4. Daisy is my fave Bal SA. I spoke to her recently. So helpful and friendly!
  5. I didnt think I was a fan of the big hardware, but I like it on this bag.

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  6. the magenta looks gorgeous with the SGH :tup: - I wish it came in more styles than the city :tdown:
  7. Good detective work!! Your report is most appreciated!!

  8. I totally agree with this - I love the way the SGH looks against the Magenta, but I think the City looks dwarfed when it has GH. I think a Magenta Day with SGH would be divine.
  9. Thanks for sharing.:smile:
    Wasn't that bag suppose to be a sample bag, at the trunk show what is it still doing on the floor?:okay:
    ICB, Bbag detective where are you?:search:
  10. whoa, i love you for taking that pic! I wouldn't even have the guts to touch my camera in there! I can't wait until my Magenta arriiivvesss (going to look even better with gold GH IMO) :graucho:
  11. Lulublue- I am going to die! I never, ever loved Magenta until I saw this pic. You are beyond fantastic! Do you know if the RH magenta LE's are sold out? I bought one for my sis, now (don't kill me everyone) I want one after seeing this. THat color is amazing!
  12. The look of that bag doesn't even surprise me in the least - I feel like I've seen it before ... oh yeah, it was all of those marvellous tPF-er photoshop jobs!! ;)
  13. I was just there last Fri and didn't see the magenta... I must have been blind!
  14. Thanks for the pics!!
  15. Shasta, I think that the RH magentas are still available (they were as of last weekend). Give it a go! We can be 07 magenta twins. Seeing this pic just makes me all the more excited to get one in two months!