My First Balenciaga: Living for the City!

  1. Thanks to those who helped me authenticate I have purchased my first Balenciaga!
    It is a black 2005 and in excellent condition. Super soft and smooshy (see, I have been doing research!)
    I envision a love affair as I cannot stop gazing at my new bag!!:heart::love:
    IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0201.JPG IMG_0206.JPG
  2. Congrats on your '05 City! I love the '05 leather and have bought 2 myself last month :love:......enjoy it because it won't be your last! :p
  3. gorgeous, congrats!! :biggrin:
  4. Whowsimply gorgeous congrats, I love the leather!!!
  5. oo its lovely, congrats!
  6. Great choice, congrats!!
  7. Congratulations!!! I love my black city!!! You'll be wearing yours everyday!!!
  8. :drool:WOW:drool:...the leather is AMAZING! GREAT first Bbag purchase!!!:yahoo:
  9. Congrats! It looks great on you! What a great choice for a first bbag! :yahoo:
  10. gorgeous, congrats!
  11. Thank you everybody! I can see how it is easy to become obsessed with these bags-- the leather is sooo soft. Even my non-bag loving fiance was like, "wow, the leather is soft!"
    I came close to getting a Twiggy but am really glad I chose the city because the size is perfect.
  12. WOW, that is a super bag. I LOVE the 05 leather and IMO its the best. Enjoy your bag and wear it with a smile.
  13. congrats! the leather look sooooo yummy! love 05 leather! and you look great! you made a good choice with the city for sure!
  14. very very pretty, congratulations!!
  15. The best thing about buying a pre-loved bag is that it has been broken in and comes already slouchy! Yours looks lovely!