My First Balenciaga - I am clueless I got the Large Partition...

  1. I've been wanting to get a Balenciaga, but I can't justify the high tag price! Then I have been saving for a new LV when today I went to my local Nordies Rack and saw a rack full of Balenciaga bags :nuts: I have to get one for that $500-$600 price tags :wtf: I was eyeing the large black whistle and put that on hold when one SA came and asked if I saw this big bag in a camel color that looks like a shopping tote with frame. Then she showed me how it folds and becomes a smaller bag! Wow :nuts: I am sold! Don't have a clue which style it was and I said I'll just check this forum to find out. Now I know I got the large partition bag and for a very good deal at $599! Here are pics. Now I know those other bags in that rack won't be gone for long, including the black whistle bag I first spotted. Hmmm... Should I go back for it? :graucho:
    BalenciagaPartition1.JPG BalenciagaPartition2.JPG BalenciagaPartition3.JPG BalenciagaPartition4.JPG BalenciagaPartition6.JPG
  2. Very CUTE! And she looks GOOD on you!
  3. i like it alot!! congrats on your new bag!!
  4. Congrats, such an awesome bag! I am in AWE that NR had bbags, great deal you got. I am so happy for you, yay! Looks great on you and ENJOY!
  5. I already said it on the other thread, but congratulations again! It really is a very great shape and color!
  6. If you don't mind me asking, which Nordies Rack???
  7. I have one in navy (bought at full price) and I luv it a LOT!:tup:
  8. What a cute shape!

    And congrats on such a fab price! :yahoo:
  9. I'm from Sacramento. The one near Arden mall.
  10. Anyone here who likes the whistle bags? I want to get that one too now that I've seen other photos of it.
  11. i like the color,congrats! :smile:
  12. congrats! pretty! i like this style. the whistle bag is such a cute style too. go back for it.
  13. Great choice! I got the dark brown Partition for my first bbag and I love it. It rapidly started me down the path of wanting more!
  14. So true... now I am debating whether I should go back and get the medium whistle bag with the croc leather (is that correct?) with brass/bronze hardware (in either navy or black) OR the other whistle style which is larger and has silver hardware. Well, that is if no one bought them yet.
  15. Congrats on your cool bag! Nice color too! Great buy.:tup: