My First Balenciaga~!! GGH city~~

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  1. It has been 2 years since i fell in love with balenciaga bags~
    Now i finally got mine this morning~!!:yahoo::yahoo:and im loving it!!
    Sang GGH City~!! Bought it from Balenciaga(las Vegas). They have such wonderful service there~ The sales was very sweet she even wrote me a card.

    Alright time for some pictures:P:P
  2. That is gorgeous! Congrats with your purchase! I also have to agree with you- Bal Vegas (Caesar's) has the best customer service! I'm expecting mine tomorrow.
  3. Sang is a beautiful color! Congrats.
  4. Gorgeous combo & Congrat! I got the same in Ruby GGH City & I love it, too. I know others refer this combo as "Chinese New Year", but to each is own, it's how you wear it & I just love it. Maybe it's the GOODLUCK combo then...

  5. Thanks Guys~~ im in love with it~~:love::love::love:
  6. I thought they were only going to have GGH on black? Well - anyway - your bag is sooo beautiful!
  7. @ Nancy,
    Thanks~I emailed them on mon. They told me they have GGH city in Coral and Sang. Yeap and i decided on Sang. I guess their stock just arrived.:smile:
  8. OMG! Gorgeous!
  9. Wow!!! She is gorgeous! Sang is such a lovely red, Congrats & Enjoy!!! :smile:
  10. i love eeeeet!!!! :nuts:
  11. Congrats on your first Bal, what a gorgeous bag you got to kick-start your collection! :smile:
  12. OMG! I :heart: your bag! :drool:
  13. LOVE sang....... congrats, MOD SHOTS?!
  14. Congrats, GORGEOUS bag!
  15. Sang is such an amazing color, congrats!!