My FIRST Balenciaga! City in Orange Brule

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  1. Hi guys! I'm so excited to finally show you my FIRST Balenciaga!

    I was torn between, Part Time, Work and City, but decided that City was the best for me!!

    I got one in Orange Brule - SOOOO nice! Sorry for the sucky blackberry picture, but I was so excited to show you guys! Will do a better update (on this thread) later! :smile:

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  2. I love it!!! Congrats on your first Bal :biggrin:
  3. Hi! Welcome to the club! Good choice for your first bal! They are very addicting, i got hooked and seem to be unable to rehabilitate myself (look at my collection!) where did you get your ob?
  4. bluetooth101 - Thank you so much!

    PinayRN - Thank you!! :smile: I got mine at the Hilton in Singapore!
  5. Woo woo!! :nuts: These are beautiful bags - I have yet to see a specimen of OB that isnt impressive...... yours is yummy! Congratulations!
  6. I love this color!
  7. Denaroo: Thank you so much! I wanted the red one originally but it was out of stock!

    Roey: Thank you!! :smile: I'm SO impressed with the color!
  8. congratulations - we are bag twins! gorgeous colour isn't it? in some situations mine looks really 'bright' and then sometimes quite a rich deep caramel!
  9. Irene congrats! I love OB City. It's such a lovely bag.
  10. mg, in what situations do you think it looks bright? Do you think there is more orange than brown in this color?? I am about to pull the trigger on OB (non-returnable) and reading your assessment is making me ponder. I am hoping it's a "go with anything" color, like 09 Automne.
  11. Thank you ladies! I can always count on this forum for people to share my happiness with! HEHEHE!! :smile: I'll do a proper photoshoot soon! =)
  12. Beautiful beautiful bag, congrats!!!
  13. Hi Bag Twin! I just got my OB too! ;)
  14. Thanks ladies!! :smile: And hello BAG TWINS!!!! =)
  15. Hi roey...well I'm not really a 'bright' bag girl, but OB I love. I'm not sure whether it is the bright morning Autumnal sunshine here but as it sat on my passenger seat on the school run, it looked a 'strong bright caramel' colour!
    Do I think there is more orange than brown??? well...not really orange, but definitely a strong 'autumn fallen leaf' colour rather than brown tones.
    I'm not a great help am I! :giggles: I think it is the colour of autumn leaves, that look quite a strong rich colour in the sunlight, but more muted in the shade!
    I could ask a few people today what colour they think my bag is....but I may get taken away by men in white coats?