my first balenciaga bag

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  1. called NY today to get pics for my first bag- looking for a good everyday bag - recommendations? Natural is the color
  2. Welcome to the forum! So you have the biggest issue out of the way, the color, now you just need a style. This rellay depends on what you carry on an "everyday" basis and what your style is. tell us a bit about you...
  3. need to hold lv wallet, lv pochette makeup bag, water bottle & agenda.
    Thinking of the giant brief or the smaller version of the giant weekender.
  4. i think what u need is between the city or weekender!
    g luck!
  5. WORK or CITY!!!!...even though I prefer the city, the city is classic, beautiful, versatile, and it has a shoulder strap!
  6. City!!
  7. The part time is also a good size. it's between a work and a city
  8. City!
  9. ^^ city or work (below are 2 of my babies) :cutesy:
    DSCF6140 REV.jpg _MG_0464_02 REV2.jpg
  10. The City is a pretty big bag (at least by my standards) though many members want even larger ones.

    I recommend the City for your first bag. It's a real classic and plenty large.

    There's a "What is in your B Bag" thread where a lot of members have taken pictures of their bags with its contents -- take a look and you'll get a good idea of how much fits in.

    Good luck! And post pix when you get her...naturel is BEAUTIFUL.
  11. City - it's classic, and has plenty of room for all your day-to-day things :love:
  12. City for a great start for a first bbag. My first bbag is Work but I wanted Ink so much and they boutique only have it in Work style. I know I should have waited for Ink city on eBay. For my first bbag I wanted one that is brand sparkling new :blush: But I still love my Ink Work, after all she is my first baby.:love:
  13. I am still new at all the names- this is a pic of what the store recommendend- giant part time. What do you think for a first bag?
    Giant Part Time White and Natural.jpg
  14. My first bag was one that i bought last month. The Balenciaga Hook tote in White. Wonder why I haven't seen any around....
  15. city really does fit a lot! you really can't go wrong with a city! :smile: