My First Balenciaga bag

  1. So this is my first Balenciaga bag and I ended up choosing the First. I did a lot of research on Balenciaga bags...options options options :panic: I got the impression most ladies like the City bag but for me it was just too big as I carry very little in my bag. So for me the First was the perfect bag...not too big...not too small.

    Here is my Classic Golden Pearly First in Bronze. I love the thicker, substantial goat leather. I know it looks black here but in brighter light it's a beautiful subtle metallic kind of pewter color. For me it's an alternative to black and a great neutral :tender:
  2. Gorgeous! I just bought this color in the premiere clutch from the Barney's sale- can't wait till it arrives! Good choice!
  3. Sooo beautiful! More pics please!!
  4. Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  5. I saw this clutch too and was very tempted. Please post pics when you get it.
  6. Love the color. Congrats
  7. I love this color on a First. Very elegant and neutral but still an unusual color. Congratulations on a great choice- would love more photos in different light.
  8. Thanks ladies. I'll take some pics later today in brighter light. It definitely looks different in different light.
  9. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  10. Thinking of a holiday goat leather with gold hardware too! This is very pretty color how do you like the leather? Is the leather comfy or is it too stiff? You must post more picture of this beauty...
  11. I def will! I don't have a Barney's near me so it's being shipped from the Chicago store. I can't wait!
  12. Stunning, fantastic choice. My first Bal was also a chevre and I love the thicker, more structured shape. Awesome color choice too.
  13. I really love the leather. I'm not a fan of the super soft puddle of the Bal lamb leather...I know, shoot me:giggles: The goat leather is still soft but thicker with more texture. In the picture it's brand new so I'm sure it will continue to soften up. It's not stiff at all.
  14. The color and texture looks pretty on this bag. Gorgeous first!
  15. Congrats! More Bals to come! Tehehe.