My first Balenciaga bag!

  1. Well, 2 actually lol. Got these when I was in Hong Kong the last few days :smile:

    F/W 07 Vert fonce GH Part Time

    F/W 07 Ocean SGH City
  2. love them!

    gorgeous first bags!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!:heart::heart::heart: OMG!!!~ 2 bags!!!!!!!:nuts: Love them both!!!:love::love::love: CONGRATS!!!!
  4. Congrats!!! oh that VF looks sooooo scrummy!!! congrats on two beautiful bags! the VF is really growing on me btw and this is the first GGH I've seen on the VF!
  5. wowza! they're gorgeous! the vert fonce is AMAZING! congrats!
  6. Lucky, lucky girl! I adore them both:tender:
  7. Love love love the colors... cOngrats on your 2 -1st bBags...:tup:
  8. Thank you girls! I can't wait to get another one :p
  9. I knew you would say that!!!! :lol::lol::tup:
  10. gorgeous bags, congrats!
  11. Love ur bags! Can't wait to get my own. If you don't mind me asking, how much are they? :smile:
  12. Wow, Double Happiness Yea! Congrats! Lovely & Gorgeous Bags! Love The Ocean Sgh, A Real Stunner!
  13. Congrats on your two new bags...You are now formally addicted to the obsession. :tispy::tispy::tispy:
  14. Both are pretty. Congrats.
  15. Both are gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!