My first Balenciaga bag - Calcaire Twiggy

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  1. Since I received this bag from RealDealCollection after being detained by Australian Custom for 9 days, I can't stop checking myself on the mirror, glass or anything reflective...cos it is trully a gorgeous bag!

    Now I can understand what is the whole hype about B bag...

    Also thank you to Robotdoll who has referred me to RDC and double confirming it is authentic..:yes:
    And definitely RDC who is so promptly and patient with my neverending questions, you are the best! :yahoo:

    Now I can say, I am addicted to B Bag :heart:

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  2. CONGRATS SWEETIE!!! :heart:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. pics? =)
  5. Calcaire is truly a beautiful, versatile color. Congrats on a great new Bbag!
  6. Do you always have gorgeous fresh flowers sitting around your house? Lol! I'm impressed!

    She's lovely aki - definitely worth the wait!
  7. Now i can see the pics, very pretty.
  8. The flowers are there because of my birthday a couple of days ago ;) so no, I dont always have gorgeous flowers sitting around my house! :roflmfao:

    Thanks BC
  9. Very BEAUTIFUL bag!!! Congrats on your first!!! Now you understand why the rest of us cannot STOP!!!
  10. The bbag looks cute on you!:yes::heart: congrats.. enjoy your new baby!
  11. Congrats!! Love the bag!! I am new to Bbags, is that a new color? I love it
  12. WOW! That is beautiful, looks great on you. Congrats!!!

    ps -- sorry to hear about being detained in customs, what a bummer, sorry that happened to you. Yikes!
  13. Congrats, bag looks nice on you.
  14. :yes: Yup, as I myself already creating my colour swatches for my next bag :lol:

    We are all enablers!
  15. Thank you :P

    No, it is not a new colour :smile: it is 2005 colour