My first Balenciaga bag arrived today!!!!!

  1. I've been wanting a Bbag for some time now and I have finally got my first one!!! I came home today so excited because I knew that my bag had been delivered...I could hardly wait!:yahoo: So, I got an '05 Teal City and I am so thrilled that I went with the City. I couldn't have used anything smaller on an everyday basis.

    The bag is just gorgeous, I love the color and the leather...its just so soft! I can't believe how nice it feels. Now I'm really understanding the love for Bbags...I may have gotten bitten by the B-bug!!!:love: What do you think?!?!:nuts:
    City.JPG City2.JPG
  2. Lovely!! Congrats! :love:
  3. Gorgeous! The colour is like a cool, calm ocean & reminds me of great holiday by the sea.

  4. I think she is lovely!really lovely color.:tup:
  5. It's beautiful...congratulations!
  6. its lovley!
  7. I've heard a lot of good things about 05 leather! Enjoy it!!
  8. The most gorgeousBlue.. Congrats!!!
  9. What a great way to start off your collection (or addiction) with an 05'er!

    Congrats xox
  10. Wow! What a pretty color, and its leather is so amazing! Congratulation!!!
  11. Beautiful blue - congrats and enjoy!
  12. Congrats on your first bag! They are horribly addicting but so beautiful! Great choice too!!:tup:
  13. congrats girl! city is a good choice for a first bbag;)
  14. gorgeous color, congrats!!
  15. Congratulations!! What a beautiful bag!!