My first Balenciaga - and a Chicago sale!!

  1. I just got back from getting my first Balenciaga! Woo hoo! I got a day bag in lilac. I'm so excited. And for you Windy city gals, I got it at Shirise in Glencoe - 20% OFF FOR MOTHERS DAY!!!!! Swear to God. They have some great stuff at that boutique.
  2. ;) Post pics so we can see!
  3. wowwwwww!!!! congrats!!!!! have you spotted a magenta day bag though?:graucho: :graucho: :heart:
  4. congrats! do they have any other bal styles or colors on sale?
  5. WHOA!!!! Congrats!!! 20% off?? Is that for all their Balenciagas?
  6. Congratulations !! Great deal :yes: ! Please post pictures ... would like to see it ;) !
  7. oh crap!! they take orders on the phone now!!!! 20% off and $10 SHIPPING!!!!
  8. Toll Free
    1-866-SHIRISE (744-7473)

    No tax if you don't live in ILLINOIS
  9. I haven't been for awhile but pretty sure they don't have magenta. I may have to run over just to look but not shop!
  10. Yes, they have a lot of styles. They also have Kooba, Botkier, Jimmy Choo and others. It's all on their website too! I didn't see magenta though.:sad: I think everything's on sale! Talk to David, he's a doll!!
  11. Geez their timing sucks. Bought too much this week :sad:
  12. Wow a sale!! Damn, wish I could go too lol!
  13. Thanks Hatikuh, I didn't think about that! I hope they're manning the phones over there!! :lol:

    And thanks to chigirl for posting about shirise so I have another place to spend money! :yes: :lol:
  14. Congrats!