My first Balenciaga! ~_~

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  1. An Outremer Part time with GSH! :yahoo: I actually have this for three weeks now and just to lazy to post. As you can see the tag are still on it. I don't know why I haven't find the time to use it yet...... I actually getting Balenciaga sick while staring at it (is that possible? :P). It's weird because since the color is blue I thought it will be easy to match it with my clothes, but it really isn't.

    As this is my first bal I don't know what to expect on the leather. It's really soft (sometimes too soft) that it folds whenever I try to sit it. I stuffed it with papers so it will stretch those folds.

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  2. It's gorgeous!
    Many congrats and enjoy it.

    And welcome to the addiction :graucho::welcome:


  3. Congrats! It's really beautiful.
  4. :drool: oooh..that is really beautiful
  5. outremer looks awesome w/SGH! love it!
  6. congrats :biggrin:
  7. ooh I love that color and the hw! I want one now!!
  8. Girl, take her out already! She's beautiful. Bals aren't meant to "match" the outfit, they're meant to add POP, IMO! :biggrin:

  9. It's beautiful! Outremer is really stunning with SGH! And the leather is supposed to be very soft and wrinkly (the more wrinkly and distressed, the better IMO!!) so no motorcycle bbags will "sit" by itself;)
  10. SWT_DECADENT....... Congratulations on your beautiful Outremer BBag..........and:welcome2: to Balenciaga

  11. So gorgeous! Congrats on your first bbag.
  12. I want to get a Work. im actually debating b/t Outremer and Anthracite. I know blue is this season's IN color, but I'm afraid it's too sharp. How do u like ur Outremer???
  13. Your bag is just gorgeous, I love Outremer! It really looks great with GSH
  14. Gorgeous! I loveee the outremer color! Congrats on your first bbag!
  15. gorgeous!! congrats!!!