My first Balenciaga--2005 City in Denim

  1. I am just in love with my first Balenciaga that I purchased on eBay from a fellow PF member. Thanks to those who authenticated it as well. This bag is so minty that its hard to believe its a 2005, it came with everything, box, dust bag, tags, mirror, tassels, receipt. I'm in heaven. I haven't gotten a chance to take my own pictures, but here is one shot from the eBay ad I purchased it from. The PF member who sold it to me did such a great job with her pics, just wanted to give her the credit)
    balenciaga denim city.jpg
  2. Congrats on a mint 05 Balenciaga - it is rare to find a 2005 in pristine condition. :drool: It really is gorgeous!
  3. Cool, very pretty bag.
  4. Lovely! Congrats!
  5. congrats what a unique bag that will work with everything!
  6. Congrats!!!:yahoo: That's one gorgeous Denim City!
    and yes! cougess is the best!!:yes:
  7. oh and i know u got a GREAT price on it too!...i was watching it on eBay lol..
  8. congrats on your first b-bag!!
  9. congrats on your first bbag!
  10. That will be so great for weekends:smile:
  11. :yahoo:Congrats on your first Bbag!! Enjoy!!
  12. Thanks everyone it is great to join the Balenciaga family, I'm sure it won't be my last one. So nice to find such a wonderful bag at a great price on ebay with no aggravation. Restores my faith!

    Wish more stores around me carried these bags so I could see a few different styles side by side.
  13. Cool! I love Denim!
  14. Fab bag, ReRe!

    A little OT, loving your Bal as well, misspiggy. :smile: