My first Balenciaga - 2 beauties arrive at once!

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  1. Well, after my miserable pre-Christmas experience when i bought a fake City :Push: (and got my money back), i was determined to get back out there and find a real one - and i found two:woohoo:!

    You've probably all seen these a million times but introducing my 07 Anthracite City:



    And 08 Electric Blue City (whose leather is particularly impressive!):



    I might be the happiest new Bbag owner around!! :yahoo:
    And i'm sure it's just the beginning - i'd like a bag in every colour - some of my Chloes might need to go to fund this new obsession though!:crybaby:
  2. Gorgeous - congrats! I had/have a Chloe problem too and downsized all of my Paddy's for Bals. Just don't let your Prune Heloise Bowler go!! The Bal problem is definitely worse - so many delicious colors!!
  3. Congrats! They are gorgeous! I know what you mean by sacrificing your other bags, I have sold off most of mine to fund the Bals. Once you're bitten....!
  4. congrats :tup:
    they are both beautiful, but I like especially the EB city :heart:
  5. congrats on your anthracite!! you'll nvr go wrong with that color =)
  6. congratulations! :woohoo:

    your pix make me miss my EB :crybaby:
  7. Thanks all! It's the colours that i'm drawn to mostly and the bags are so light compared to Chloe - ridiculously light in fact! I certainly won't be getting rid of the Heloise though Juldoc, it's definitely one of my favourites and a great colour!

    I'm just so happy to be here finally!! :party:
  8. They´re beautiful, congrats!
  9. Beautiful! Congrats they are lovely!
  10. They're stunning, congrats~~
    may I ask where did you find that beautiful EB? :drool:
  11. congratS!! i love your anthracite!
  12. my 2 fave colors!!!! im jealous right now. :drool:
  13. They are both gorgeous, Sianii.

    Congrats and enjoy.
  14. Sian, I LOVE them both! :drool::heart:

    Were they worth the wait? They look like they were!

    07 anthra looks even more stunning in the city style - my anthra twiggy is feeling overshadowed!:roflmfao:

    And that EB....just WOW!:nuts:
  15. Stunning!!! I love your new hauls! The anthracite looks a little like marine on my PC though, but 07 anthracite is such a unique colour, with blueish undertones.