My first Bal bag

  1. Bad news and good news.

    1st the BAD: I had my sis chased after the Bubblegum pink city via calls to Paris, NY, Hawaii and leg work in HK to no avail!

    Then the GOOD: I love my first Bal city in Sky Blue.

    And I'm getting more and more excited about it after reading abt Bal bags in this forum. The gals are so generous in sharing infor and tips on Bal bags and words tug at my heartstrings...was nodding my head when I read abt the Bal bag "that got away"
  2. it looks so yummy! :drool:
  3. meihml, BG City is available on AR. Your Sky Blue City is pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  4. congrats! i always have a soft spot for blue bbags. enjoy your first bbag! (heh, just noticed you're from SG too)
  5. Congrats!
  6. congrats! the blue is so pretty!
  7. [​IMG]

    HOW pretty!!!!!!!
  8. congrats!
  9. AR has the BG city but according to the SA there is a noticeable scruff in the front right corner of the bag!

    anyhow congrats meihml!
  10. congrats! your sky blue is gorgeous. the leather looks smooshy and butter soft.Enjoy her.
  11. gorgeous, congrats!!!!!!!!
  12. It's a pretty shade of blue meihml!!!Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats! She's a beauty!