My First Bal bag :)

  1. I got my new bag today. I don't know the model name and have no any knowledges with Balenciaga bag at all. Anyway, I love my new bag although the color is not my type. I need a new cross shoulder bag and ended up buying this one home.

    I'm still waiting for my new bubblegum bag with normal hardware (not Giant). All I saw bubblegum bag now in London are all with gold giant hardware which I hate gold hw a lot.

    Where can I find another trusted store to buy a bbag in London? I just only know that Narvey Nics and Selfridges have Bbag available.

    I'm so much into Balenciaga now.

    Thanks a lot !! :flowers:
  2. Congrats vicky..!! very nice! :tup:

    hope u know what u've gotten urself into...!! :pthere'll be LOTS more to come i'm sure!
    bbags MULTIPLY like RABBITS.
  3. Congrats! You have the Flat Messenger and it's a nice neutral color, great for a first Bbag.
  4. Thanks a lot Orinoco and wantmore for your reply :smile:
  5. She's a real beauty, and the first of many I'm very sure. Congrats, Vicky2007!
  6. :nuts: Thanks a lot Nada !!

    I choose this color and style as I'm willing to get a bubblegum city so I think I need sth. different. Anyway, not 100% sure about the color :angel:
  7. Welcome to the addict's corner Vicky!!:upsidedown::lol: Love your new FM!!!
  8. Congrats. :yahoo:I promise this won't be your last.:graucho:
  9. :graucho: We solemnly swear that this will not be your last. Seriously, there is no turning back!

    Congrats on such a pretty first bbag!
  10. Thank you gals. I know as my second will be absolutely follow and it must be a bubblegum !! Love Bbag a lot!
  11. Your bag is beautiful! Welcome to the club!:heart:
  12. Does anyone know the name of the color? It's so pretty!
  13. congrats on ur first bbag! is that a sandstone or mastic messenger? does anyone know the color of this?

    Anyhow, Vicky-- welcome to the fantastic world of bbags! can't wait to see ur second one to come...the bubblegum city!
  14. it is lovely, for authentic retailers in london try browns of london you can find their contact information on and they currently have some bbags on sale on the website and instore although there will be more selection in store. Good luck in locating you bubblegum bbag!
  15. There's also the Wags haunt Cricket, which have the best prices in the UK for Bal they post for around £10 Della is very knowledgeable and helpful and a store called Koh Samui in Covent Garden.