My first Bal and I'm in love! Come share my excitement!!

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  1. My Galet Part-time purchased from Sacramento Nordies. The SA there said that she's got a lot of backstock dating back to 06' colors so if your looking for something from a past season you might try checking there. They were surprised they had this one since they thought it was all sold out espcially in this color.


  2. CONGRATS!!:party: Galet is one of my fave Bal colors and I love the Part Time!!:love:

  3. A whole lot of gorgeous Galet, yum!
    Many congrats and enjoy it.

    (and I'm guessing Nordies are going to be busy taking phone calls now :chatty:)


  4. beatiful!!!! LOOOOOVE that color!!!!!! :heart:
  5. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  6. :tup: love! what a pretty color!
  7. Gorgeous.........congratulations!
  8. Congrats! I am waiting to get my galet city on next Tuesday and can't wait and looking at your part time makes me hope mine is as pretty! Big congrats for such a great find. It will be a bag you will love forever I would imagine!! Thanks for the info, I can't afford to pick up the phone or I would but I've already indulged much too much lately.
  9. congrats on the galet find:flowers:
  10. congrats on your first Bal, girlie! its a beauty! :heart:
  11. Beautiful colour! Congrats!
  12. Thanks ladies!! I just can't stop looking at. I think my Bal addiction has started.
  13. Oooo! That's a gorgy galet! :tup:
  14. love that bag and color!! Do they have online shopping for some of the 06 bags?

    Also waiting for Alice In Wonderland!
  15. Congrats!! I wonder what Nordies has in stock :graucho: