My First Bal Accessory!!!

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  1. My Jaune Real Coin is here!!!!:yahoo:

    I've been wanting to get a Real Coin wallet for the longest time but couldn't decide on a color and if I ever do decide on a color, it's usually sold out already.:sad:

    Luckily, I was able to find one through a very good friend..:woohoo: Isn't she cute??!

    Here she is:

  2. Mischka, That is so cute! Congratulations on finding a great one with beautiful leather too!!
  3. congrats mischka
  4. Very nice, congratulations!!
  5. Great purchase, this wallet is so cute....Congrats!!
  6. Lovely!!!

  7. That's Gorgeous, CONGRATS!!!
  8. congrats mischka, your jaune mini wallet is very cute. i have the same in BI and love it. it can fit many things, i love the mirror inside, such a useful thinking from balenciaga.
  9. Congrats, it's pretty! My fave. colour!
  10. Oh my gawd, how cute is that little gorgeous wallet! :nuts:
    Dear "T", I am so happy you finally got it!
    Ack, what a lovely addition to your already gorgeous collection...:love:
    Congrat dear "T", enjoy it in full health!

    I am wishing that you will find the other accessories in your wishlist soon!:girlsigh:
  11. Hey, T! Nice wallet! Gorgeous color! :tup:
  12. Very, very pretty (and easy to find in the black interior!)..great leather too.
  13. aww congrats..those mini wallets are so cute!
  14. Soo beautiful, - wish it were mine:drool:. Juane always has the most fabulous leather!
    Howcome this style is so hard to get, is it discontinued?
  15. It's a cutie! Congrats!