My First Bag Reveal (B or K)...and it's SWEET!

  1. Awesome! Congratulations!
  2. RJ is really pretty! Big congrats and please do some modelling pics when you have time :smile:
  3. Great choice! Congratulations!!
    i love rose jaipur tooo, hopefully this color stays around for a long time
    You got it on a walk-in or ordered?
  4. I saw the same combo at my local H store the other day.. It belongs to someone else.. The owner hasnt picked it up so my SA showed it to me.. I love the gold interior lining.. And the B is soo light in epsom...

    Congrats for scoring such beauty Cool Gal.. Rose Jaipur is a very pretty color!
  5. Coolgal, major congrats! I love the contrast lining and RJ is such a pretty colour!
  6. Congratulations! You are such a lucky girl and the contrast lining and fabulous hard ware make it soooo special and sweeeeeeetttttt!!!!!!!!!
  7. What a very special bag, many congratulations!
  8. OH!! I love the RJ candy, it's such a gorgeous combo! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! Very pretty!
  10. Bravo! Gorgeous one... So beautiful!:loveeyes:
  11. Cool Gal! What a pretty bag..I just love love love it! I have put my name for the same bag on the wishlist but if I'll ever get it?? (Sigh). Will you tell us how you got the beauty?
  12. Beautiful B!! Congratulations!
  13. Very pretty!!! Congrats...
  14. Such a beautiful color! I just got a KD in RJ and it's divine:smile:. Congrats!
  15. This is one amazing color B!!!!! OMG! :loveeyes: