My First bag! Pirata Gioco

  1. Hi! My first tokidoki bag arrived today, it's a pirata gioco, and I got it off of eBay. I loveee it and am so excited my first bag is here! I love the print placement on it, the shape, everything and just wanted to share :yes: What do you guys think?
    PIC_0010.JPG PIC_0011.JPG PIC_0018.JPG
  2. :tup: it's a beautiful bag! congrats! the back placement is excellent!
  3. heheheh... notice how she says her "first" toki... Smart girl already knows there will be others....

    It's a great looking bag! I have always thought Pirata looks especially nice in the Gioco. I wish my Amore Gioco was a Pirata and my Pirata Zucca was an Amore.
  4. congrats! i love the gioco style! contemplating if i should get a pirata gioco too..but i'm satisfied with the pirata bags that i have (caramella n ciao) but yours is very nice! i love it!
  5. cuuuute bag! i love it!! =) oh and a quick tip about the gioco. i have the foresta gioco and it's one of my most favorite bags ever! BUT, the strap BROKE all of a sudden!! so my aunt helped me stitch it up like crazy. :cry:


    ^^The back.

    Sorry the pics are so ginormous but yea! just be careful! don't want to see your gioco become like this. =( it hurts! =( but enjoy it! giocos are awesome. =)
  6. Congrats on your 1st Toki! Very nice print!:p
  7. Great Print
  8. congrats on your first toki!!!! I have a pirata gioco too :biggrin:

    Dokiiii - :shocked: omg ... that looks bad!! I'm glad your aunt was able to help you fix it but dang I thought these bags were supposed to be sturdy. Now I def. have to make sure I rotate my bags more!
  9. Dokiiii: were you carrying a lot of heavy things in your bag? i can't believe it just broke like that! i'll def. try to baby my bags more often!
  10. congrats on your first bag! cant wait to to see MORE xD
  11. TokidokiAngel - Yea, I thought these bags were sturdy too! =( It's okay. I rotate my bags a lot more now!

    ecny - Haha, I guess I did put a lot of heavy stuff in it! But I've learned my lesson. Whenever I use this bag now, it's always very empty! I don't wanna put too much in there anymore. =P And now, I check alllll the straps of my tokidoki purses all the time. I'm so paranoid!
  12. eek that is terrible about your strap Dokiiii, I'll try not to carry anything TOO heavy or, you know, just get another bag so I can rotate between them :biggrin:
  13. Hahaha yea! I just gave you a preeetty good excuse to buy MORE tokidoki bags!! YAY!
  14. ooo:huh:oo:huh: it's very pretty..ahhh i need to make more $$ so I can get a pirata bag heh.
  15. prettty!!!
    ahhh i want a pirata too now (with the kitten & palmtree!)! after i got my spiaggia, it's certainly put me in the mood for anything with the sea scene in it!
    mind if i ask how much u paid for it? =)