My first bag has arrived - Botkier Carlton Tall Hobo

  1. I got my new Botkier Carlton Tall Hobo in black today - wow!

    I knew it was going to be large - and it is pretty large, I think. The other thing that is surprising about it is how heavy it is. The leather really isn't 'buttery' soft, though, but that's OK because I think this will be sturdy and hold up well.

    It's an interesting bag - may take some getting used to. The belt and ornamentation makes it a bit floppy. I'll have to see how I do getting in and out of it.

    I will put a couple more pics in the next post.
    purse3.jpg purse4.jpg purse5.jpg purse1.jpg purse2.jpg
  2. Two other pics
    purse6.jpg purse7.jpg
  3. beautiful! looks great on you!
  4. very 'rocker chick'!
  5. i just ordered te smaller size of this bag, i hope you enjoy it~! beautiful!
  6. I have the small Black Short Carlton Hobo. I love it. Perfect for me. I like the leather. It looks like a very sturdy bag. Botkier rarely lets me down.
  7. Ellen, I hope you like it!

    Lexie, question - is that looooong chain that's attached on the inside common among designer purses? I guess it is to attach your keychain to to make it easier to find? It seems kind of odd....
  8. I pulled up this old thread because I found it in the search button.
    I had the Botkier Short Hobo and eventually sold it because it turned out it was a tad too small for me. I really wanted the Sand colored Large one but the price was huge (785). Now it's all this time later and the Large hobo in sand is on sale on Active Endeavors for 528.00 and using Apologies code, it came to 403.00. That is sweeet! It's alot of bag but beautiful. I also wondered if the original poster still had hers...

    Botkier Carlton.jpg
  9. Hello

    I do still have my large Carlton in black.

    However, I only carried it a few times and realized that

    a) the interior is a bit too small for my needs

    b) the bag is too heavy for me

    I tried to sell it on eBay awhile back with no luck, I guess I was asking too much (I had paid FULL price for it from Botkier).

    Interested? :rolleyes:

  10. That bag looks lovely on you! Very flattering. I think you made a good choice. Congrats!