My first bag and accessories.

  1. Hello everyone! I purchased a Cyclamen Chevre Kelly from a lovely forum
    member off of eBay, and have been waiting to post pictures of it until I got
    the accessories that I wanted. So now that I have all my accessories I can
    post a picture of my whole Hermes bundle!

    Aqua Chevre zip agenda pm
    Sapphire Blue Chevre card holder
    Rose Shocking Chevre Karo
    28 cm Cyclamen Chevre Kelly
  2. Cococrazy,

    Congrats on your new stunning Kelly, and your beautiful H accessories... she's a beauty!
  3. Congratulations on your new acquisitions! Love that Kelly!
  4. Wow!!! Now that is a nice start to an H collection! Congratulations--your choices are lovely, bright, colorful and have tons of personality. :heart:
  5. The Cyclamen Kelly is so gorgoues! I really love the color. Congrats!!
  6. All of your new pieces are just gorgeous -- Congratulations!! Cyclamen Chevre is just beautiful and incredible rare. Enjoy all your new pieces, they're all wonderful!
  7. What Beautiful Pieces:heart:

    Your Cyclamen Kelly ~ What A Dream Bag!!!!

    Your Not Coco Crazy ~ Your HCrazy!!!;)
  8. Gorgeous collection! I particularly love the color of your new Kelly!
    Everything is beautiful - I love the Kelly and all the accessories!
  10. Beautiful pieces!! I love the chevre kelly!!! The colors are all so pretty together, congratulations on all of them....

    (we are Karo twins!! :love: I had mine sent to me, and when I opened the box, I though, wow, this is a perfectly named color!!!)
  11. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! I was sooo lucky
    to acquire this gorgeous Kelly! I was very discouraged because
    every H boutique that I went to told me that a Kelly in the colors
    that I wanted were no longer available in any skin let alone Chevre.

    As soon as I got the bag I started hunting for the rainbow accessories
    I wanted, and now I'm happy! :yahoo:
  12. Love your rainbow colours, Cococrazy. :heart:


  13. Lovely colours! Congratulations!
  14. wow what a gorgeous Kelly and all your other goodies are beautiful too. Congratulations!!!! you made excellent choices.
  15. Wow, that's a helluva start on your H collection :nuts::tup: Beautiful pieces and gorgeous colours!!