My first baby! It's a mini-twiggy!

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  1. :heart: :yes: :wlae: I just got it today!!!! This is a beautiful little bag--the perfect size to carry around for everyday. And a gorgeous deep turquoise I see what you all have been carrying on about--lol!

    I just LOVE this handbag! Now I see what you all mean about the *leather*.:nuts:

    eBay: Rare BALENCIAGA '05 TURQUOISE mini Twiggy for X-MAS !! (item 150064044311 end time Nov-26-06 20:56:13 PST)

    I bought it from a lovely tPFer, FirstClass1 (thank you, Irene!!)
  2. sooo pretty!!! Turquoise is such a beautiful color, congarats you will love it!!
  3. Awwwwwwwww dachsie..... 'D' :shame: - I'm so glad you love it :yahoo: - CONGRATS once more :flowers: and thank your for the lovely transaction :tender: ENJOY this little beauty, you're the best mommy for her :love:
  4. congrats... it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mini-twiggy's are just so cute! Congrats on the wee guy!
  6. Congrats!! :drinkup:
  7. Cute as can be! Congratulations.
  8. Very pretty colour - CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  9. COngrats!!! mini twiggy is so cute :smile:
  10. Gorgeous! and worth every penny might I add! I have this in 05 teal. Everything I need fits in it - I love this style. Lucky you!
  11. What a great first Bbag! rare style and color and in such amazing condition! Congrats, enjoy her :heart:
  12. Congrats to this cutie!!!