my first b-bag.....

  1. finally it is here..... :yahoo:
    got it from a pf-er. its a magenta box. very lovely....
    i am a total convert now. i am actually thinking of not geting the chanel abg that i was gonna get and get another b-bag instead :wtf:
    i will post pc as soon as my hubby is home to fix the computer.
    btw, applegard or lubriderm? which one should i use?
    also, could dry weather make the leather dryer ? (i dont know if this makes sense or not, but dry weather makes our skin dryer) do i need extra moisturizer for the bag?

  2. Yay! Congrats! If the leather looks good, I wouldn't put any conditioner on it. You can spray it with AG Rain and Stain repellant if you want, though, to protect it. Are the handles still new? if so, you can get that For Handles Only thing from lovinmybag or lovinbags or something(for some reason, the name eludes me right now. lol). It protects the handles from oils and dirt so it won't darken.

    Anyhoo, congrats on a lovely bag! magenta is a gorgeous color! I can't wait to see pics!:yahoo:
  3. awesome! congrats!!!

    you dont have to condition it unless you think it feels dry... It might darken the color. I'd suggest spraying it with the applegarde rain repellant though!
  4. well, the bag is new.... it even smells new...
    so you girls prefer applegard over lubriderm....?
    pupsterpurse, is there any side effect of the handle moisturizer thingy?
    also, how bout the moisturizer that is also sold on lovinmybag? have you ever used it?

    crap.... as i am typing this, i just cannot look away from the bag... its so beautiful......
  5. Sorry, I've never tried any of her products. Chauss posted about a coupon/discount special for us PFers, though--50%. From what I've heard, there is no side effects to the Handle Protector. It just provides a protective barrier against oils and dirt. The Ph level is supposed to be the same or very similar to that of the leather on the bags.

    Most girls use the Lubriderm to soften bags that are dry and crackly or thin and veiny. Is yours like that? If not, I would just use the AG Stain and Repellent spray.
  6. hi! congrats on ur magenta box! it's a grreat colour. i never really use anything to my b-bags cause i found their leather's great already :P
    so i can't help u on this..