My first B-bag!

  1. Congratulations!!!
  2. congratulations!! Anthracite is such a gorgeous color :smile:
  3. I like how you included tPF on your computer in one pick; bags = life. :yes: The Coach charm looks cute on your bag, too.
  4. oh yay!!! anthra city! congrats!
  5. Congrats! I love your Anthracity....great pics!!! Enjoy
  6. congratulationsssss!! I love anthracites!!
  7. Wow it's beautiful. Thanks for the pix
  8. It's gorgegous :graucho:
  9. congrats on your first b-bag! love your anthracite!
  10. Congrats! :woohoo: Great choice for your first b-bag! Enjoy her!
  11. Thanks everyone! I'm over the moon about her!
  12. LOve it. Congrats....a lovley first Bbag. :yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Congrats and welcome to the AntraClub !!
  14. congrats!!