My first B Bag !!

  1. I have been wanting this bag for over a year now and my DH suprised me finally with it yesterday. I am so happy!! It is the City in truffle color.
  2. Congratulations! :yahoo: You're DH is such a sweetheart.:yes:
  3. Wonderful BBag! So sweet of your DH to start off your BBag addiction with this beauty!!
  4. :love: :heart: :love: Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :heart: :love:
  5. Gorgeous bag!! the leather looks scrumptious. Congrats:choochoo:
  6. Congrats! That's so sweet of your DH!
  7. congrats it's beautiful you lucky girl
  8. congrats on your first bbag! that is so sweet of your DH. now watch your collection grow. :graucho:
  9. Wow!! What a great surprise!! Beautiful bag!
  10. its fabulous! congrats!
  11. :heart: It's a beauty!!!:heart:
  12. Oh wow thats lovely, congrats what a great DH!!!!
  13. The leather and consistency of the color are absolutely stunning. Congrats!
  14. Thank you all so much!!! My sister in law is Luccibags here on the TPF and she set my hubby up at the Bal store in NYC...she is the bomb!!
  15. Beautiful bag! Your DH is a keeper.