My first B bag--which one to choose?

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  1. I'm think of giant city in black with gold hardware. What do you gals think?
    FYI, I've been saving to buy a bbag and probably won't be able to afford another one for years. :sweatdrop:
  2. I personally looooooove the giant gold! Especailly with black, I think it gives it a real pop and more personality while still being as classic as the RH.
  3. In that case I think a black City is the perfect choise. It really is a great size ... not too big, not too small. I would go with regular hardware though as it's slightly more classic. But that's just my opinion. If you love the giant gold hardware then that's what you should get.
    GGH + black is really gorgeous!
  4. GGH is dis-continued for SS 09 (at least at last update it was). So if you have a line on one and you want one then go for it.

    I think a a Black city with RH is classic and timeless and always the best bet for a 1st b-bag imo.
  5. I think the GGH is amazing combined with black and other dark colors. Also, I haven't seen dry leather on GH bags - usually the leather is fantastic on GH bags. And the City style is lovely and classic. Have fun bringing home your first B-Bag:smile::heart:
  6. Thanks everyone for your great advises! I think I will go for it!

    But GGH is discontinued in 09? :0 Can I still find it at Barneys? Does anyone know if SAKS carries B bags? they will have another EGC coming up soon.
  7. There have been mixed reports about GGH... but supposedly it'll only be available in actual Balenciaga boutiques from now on. You might still be able to find one if you call around, though... they may have some old stock in other stores. Good luck! I think it's a great choice for a first bag!
  8. I just got a marine 08 city with ggh myself, and I love the ggh. good luck!
  9. DEFINITELY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  10. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  11. I agree with beauxgoris that if you can get your hands on a GGH black city you should as it'll be so rare as it's discontinued. However, I don't necessarily think that RH is the best option for a newbie. You should go for something interesting and then you can come back to RH black when you're a seasoned collector. You'll love the giant hardware, it's such a fun look :P
  12. black looks great with GGH. If you can find one, go for it!
  13. I went to the Balenciaga store in London today and asked about GGH. They are definitely NOT discontinuing it. It will only be available in Balenciaga stores. They had some lovely black with GGH in! A really gorgeous brief with leather that was just shiny enough. I would say go for the black city with GGH for your first bag. You'll have it forever :woohoo:
  14. ring my bell (hello again, I just commented in your thread!)

    did they have any other bags in black GGH?
  15. Yes, black city would be a great choice for first b bag. personally, i like RH but Definitely GGH over GSH! You must be excited! Trust me, you can't go wrong with Balenciaga!!:tup: