My first B-Bag w/pics

  1. Hi guys I thought I would share my happiness.Bubblegum Pink Day Hobo.I got her in today.Sorry I'm not matching but I was about to go somewhere and I couldn't wait to model her,lol.My daughter took the pics so thats why i'm crooked.I already want another one.The leather is so soft.I kept it out for a while and just rubbed on the leather.




  2. I love the outfit with the bag....the colors looks great together

    you look great ...and who's that cutie next to you?
  3. Gorgeous colour and your head-scarf!

    I think bubblegum matches perfectly with your skin tone!
  4. Thanks do you really?I ended up carrying my Speedy 25.Everybody thought I was cute.My daughter had a basketball game and I always dress like this and feel out of place,lol.Thats my son.He had to jump in the pic.
  5. LOVE it of course !!
  6. Thanks fashion-cult.I actually bought a lot of scarves off eBay end of the summer.I usually wear a scarf when I'm having a bad hair day.I hate my hair so I put one on tonight.I'm been trying to work on my complexion cause I actually have adult acne and had had my hands in my face but I've broken myself out of it.

    I love the colors mint green and pink together so I need to find a scarf with those colors in it.
  7. Beautiful - you, the bag, and your children! :love:
  8. Thanks Luxelife.My question is how to you tie the tassels?I feel stupid for asking that but thats why they aren't on there,lol.
  9. I actually like that it's not matchy matchy with the outfit....the leather on that bag looks incredible...good choice and congrats
    ( oh and there is actually a thread on how people tie the tassels LOL we discuss everything concerning bbags here in the minutest detail) maybe just try a search on "tassels"
  10. Pretty bag! It looks great on you! :yes:
  11. fold the tassel in half, then loop the looped end through the zipper hole and then loop the rest of the tassel through the loop. that probably made no sense, but that's the best i could do. sorry!!
    but i do love the pretty. congrats!!
  12. Fold the tassel in half, put the folded end through the ring on bag and then pull the other end through the 'loop' you created and pull until tight. Hope I haven't confused you even more!
  13. O:huh:h... mint scarf and bubblegum bag... cool combo!

    I think your skin looks lovely in those pics! :smile:
  14. :heart: love ur bubblegum day!!! Congrats! Looks gorgeous on u!
  15. Reaally cute on you! Great color!!