My first B bag: Violet City with GH

  1. I did it...I finally have a B bag of my own! :yes:

    Settled on a Violet City with GH - thanks, in large part, to all of your suggestions! Hadn't been planning on the GH, but they had it in stock and I took it as "sign" (and I know that most of you like it - and I trust you!). Will post pics later, but I think that I got a good one - the color is gorgeous and the leather is just right (IMO). Again, thanks for helping me!

    (PS - For anyone in NYC, Barneys is having a special - for every $75 that you spend, you get a $25 today is a good day to go shopping!)
  2. EEEK!!! Can't wait to see!!! I can't get enough of all the gorgeous Violets everyone has been scoring! :nuts:
  3. wow, that's a great first bbag ... and I'm sure it won't be your last ... very addictive! congrats!
  4. congrats! post pictures when you can so we can all drool over it.
  5. congrats!
  6. pictures? :p
  7. Congrats! I echo the picture requests! What hardware, giant gold or silver? Also, do you know is this Barney's thing was only today, or it'll be on tomorrow? 25 for ever 75 is kinda amazing!
  8. Here's the photo! :tup:

    My photography skills aren't great...but I think that the picture is okay. The color isn't so bright in real life (that's the flash).

    In answer to your other questions: the hardware is silver and I don't know if the Barneys special is ongoing - but it couldn't hurt to call and ask!
    eBay 011 (Small).jpg
  9. is gorgeous..i love violet tooooooo:yes::yes:
  10. It's amazing! Congratulations!
  11. i love this bag. congrats!
  12. Congrats on your beautiful violet!!!!!! So pretty....
  13. It's super beautiful!! Congrats, I love Violet with Silver!!!
  14. Congrats Mrs B.. Ur Violet Looks GREAT!!!
  15. congrats! love violet sgh combo!