My first B-bag, need help in choosing color...

  1. Hi! I really enjoy 'researching' this forum for helping me deicde to buy my first b-bag! I am a LV lover, also, but I recently been wanting an all leather one for going out, etc. I have narrowed down to truffe vs. camel First for my first b-bag. I am 4'11" short girl, and thought the First would be a perfect size. I am sure I will eventually get a City, too, and other colors to add in my collection:P.
    Anyway, I have checked out all threads for both colors and still cannot decide... Can you guys help me, pweeeease:sad:? Thank you so much!!!
  2. between truffle and camel, my vote is for truffle.
  3. camel
  4. <--- camel!

    (My 100th post yeah!!)
  5. Truffle!
  6. Truffle:yes:
  7. Just purchased a camel and LOVE it!
  8. Truffle-More distressed look

    Camel- Smoother look
  9. Thanks everyone who has given me an opinion so far!!!:flowers: I wear both cool-tone and earth-tone clothes with mostly jeans, so even though I plan to extend my collection;), I want my first one to be more versatile. Truffe is more distressed and Camel is more smooth...interesting. Oh, decisions, decisions!:crybaby:And I am so indecisive!!!:Push: I should be on a purse ban, too, but cannot help it! I just got addicted to purses again after I started working this June. And it has been non-stop!!! I thought I bought the last purse for 2006, but...:sweatdrop: I am starting to get carpel-tunnel reading through the treads, too!

    Anyway, more opinions are welcome and THANK YOU!!!:heart:
  10. My vote is truffle - a little distress gives it the b look, don't you think? Otherwise, it might look like coach (which is okay if that is the look you want).
  11. I have the truffle city and the camel first. The camel is definitely much smoother than the truffle. If you like the smoother leather, go for the camel. If you like the distressed look, go for the truffle. As for color, I think the camel stands out more than the truffle because it is lighter and kind of butterscotch in color. The truffle is a great everyday color.
  12. Dear sshirley: Do you have any pictures of both truffe and camel side by side? I have seen different posts in this forum for both of the colors, but your picture would be greatly appreciated! Should I PM you instead?
  13. Sure, PM me and I'll send you some pics!
  14. I love both colors. Both my Camel & Truffe Day bags have the same matte and non-veiny/non-cloudy but smooshy leather because that is what I requested. I think you have to be careful with the camel because some can be more orangey and others more on the yellow ochre side (I've seen both). Mine is a true camel. I don't know which shade you might be after. Truffe is a really nice neutral, but for sure my camel pops against whatever I put it with. Good luck!
    Post #3 in this thread shows my Camel & Truffe (F '06) Day bags side by side:
  15. Wow, Goldensx5, thank you for the link and pic! Your collection looks very yummy!. You are right, even if it is the Camel 06, I can see some variations among different pictures posted throughout the thread. It is too bad that I cannot see it in real life. I am planning to order from Aloha Rag and have been emailing the SA there for suggestions. The pictures they sent on PDF seems great colors for both Truffe and Camel. I don't want too veiny, but I don't want too smooth neither.

    Do you think Truffe is only for Fall? Is Camel more all year around? Oh, I wish I could buy both, like Truffe First and Camel City...:P