My first B-bag - help me choose the color!


Which color should I keep?

  1. Light gray/blue

  2. Dark brown

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  1. Just bought my first Balenciaga - well actually, 2 b/c I couldn't decide... (I've always been more of a Prada/Miu Miu kinda girl and can't get over how soft the B-bags are!) They are from the Metallica line and look sort of like small duffel bags. I love the style, though I wonder if they're worth it since they are not a recognizable Balenciaga style, but maybe that's what I love about them. Here's another thread on this style - scroll down for a pic of what it looks like:

    So I guess I have 2 questions:
    1) Is this bag worth keeping?
    2) If so, which one should I keep? One is a very light gray/blue and the other is a dark brown. It seems like Balenciaga has a consistent palette of colors (from what I've read in this forum) so I'm hoping many of you will be familiar with those colors. I'm worried that the gray/blue may not maintain well over time since it's so light and the leather is so delicate. Other than that, I love them equally and just need advice on which to select! As for my wardrobe, I wear a lot of black and neutral colors (gray, brown, white, etc.) so I think either would work.

    Thanks for your help!