My first b-bag, cornflower blue box

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  1. Hi all,
    I finally have my first b-bag. I actually ordered a BI day but once I had it on it was just too big for me. I sadly sent it back and decided to try out the box. I just love it and the size is perfect. I'm so sad they are discontinuing this style. anyway, here are a couple of pics. It's such a nice leather and the perfect amount of veiny for me. this is my first time posting pics here so i hope it works..
    bbagbluebox1.jpg bbagboxblue2.jpg
  2. Oooo...I love the cornflower pretty :drool: Congrats!
  3. Very pretty. I just got my first B-bag, a blue india box and I love the size too. Enjoy!
  4. Pretty colour! That cornflower looks awesome! Congrats! I just got my first bbag this week too!! YAY!!!
  5. It's beautiful, congrats! :yahoo: That color looks so pretty with your jeans too!
  6. love it!:heart:

  7. I've always loved that cornflower blue! Congrats!
  8. It looks great!!! I want one!!! Congratulations!!
  9. Beeeeeeeauteous! Congrats!:heart:
  10. thanks ladies. I really love, love, love the size of this one and I love the color too. it was a little scary having it come sight unseen but Joseph assured me I'd love it. He was right, I think it's a great functional color and perfect for a jeans gal like me;)
  11. Congrats MrsS! I think this looks better on you than the day did. I love this color too! Glad you finally got it. Enjoy!
  12. thanks mokey, nice to see you over here. I agree, much better than the day on me...
  13. LOVE cornflower blue! :yahoo: That's such a cute cute bag!!! (I want a city sooooo bad, do you know if they had any in that color? )
  14. Scoutfinch AKA MrsS:

    Love your bag! Now we both have a cornflower. Don't you just LOVE that color? :heart: I want to get a box too someday! They seem like such a perfect size. Congrats on your new bag. It looks a lot more flattering on your small frame than the BI.
  15. Congrats! the color is beautiful!