My First B Bag...City or Day?

  1. I am in search of my first Balenciaga and I'm so excited! But I''m having a hard time decided which one to get. It's a toss between the City and the Day. I switch back and forth every day! What do you guys think...City or Day? HELP!!!!!
    Thanks everyone~
  2. If you are getting regular hardware- City. If Giant hardware - Day. That's just my opinion. You can't go wrong w/either choice, though!
  3. The day is a more comfortable, casual style; I think the city is more versatile, though, and can be dressed up a bit. It really depends what you want more out of the bag.
  4. Hi there!
    I had to make the same decision a couple of weeks ago and I went for a plomb city. Haven´t regretted it a second! It´s a very versatile bag. The day is pretty casual IMO so it depends a little on what clothes you wear everyday. I want to get a day as my 2nd Bbag though because I really like the style, too.
  5. City is the perfect fist b-bag IMO
  6. :yes:
  7. My first Bbag was a Day, and I currently have a City coming (my second Bbag).

    I agree with what the others have said. Day is more casual and very comfortable to carry. City is easier to dress up, and a very classic style.

    You can't go wrong with either one!
  8. The Day was my first bbag, then within a month I got a City too (and then a Work, oh my)! I think if I got a City first I still would have gotten the Day. Love them both equally!!!
  9. Yeah, I think I'll START with a City bag, and then get the Day as my second. Thanks for all the imput!!! Now all I have to think about it color.......
  10. Start with a City. The Day is gorgeous and I love the way it sits on the body. You'll end up getting a Day...Then a Work...Oh you have to get a Work...Sorry, I am a bad Bbag influence!
  11. :yes::yes::yes: ITA... couldnt have put it in better words myself!


  12. That is SOoo:huh:O TRUE!! iN order... that's how I got started.. & I have a work coming t:huh:~!:roflmfao:
    CleoCouture.... you're going to have to get both.... it's just a matter or which one first... :girlsigh: heheh.. that didn't help at all~!
  13. i got bit by the bbag bug cause of tpf!!!! i am trying to make the same decision myself...i think i am going with the day though....also waiting for the new 08 colors...well... at least i am trying to hold out until then...
  14. I think i have the b bug and I dont even have a b bag yet!!!!
    I'm going crazy trying to decide!! And surely I cant even afford another bag right now, but you bet I'll be buying one anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I think you'll end up getting both too. :p I just got my first bbag, the Day in Plomb and I :heart: it. And I'm on my way to getting a Twiggy and then I'm done for real! It's so hard to only have one.