My first B-bag ---> BRAND NEW ROUGE VIF CITY!!!!

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  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I'm so happy i finally got it!!!!! :wlae:

    Pics to follow!
  2. Opps!! Wrong forum!! Please move my thread to B-Bag main? Thanks! Sorry!! (Too excited!)

  3. :yahoo: Congrats :yahoo:

    I love RV and the city is perfect in that color. I simply adore:love: mine!
    Please post pics soon. Just out of curiosity where did you find it ?
  4. congrats! i want to see..... i LOVE red bags!
  5. Congrats! pic please :smile:
  6. Aha haaa... wrong forum?! :roflmfao: Which forum did you post it to in the first place? That's so cute of you! Congrats!! Yayy... welcome to the rouge vif club!!! :yahoo::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  7. Heee...:noggin: Everything is a blur after i got my rouge vif city. I actually swung by the store during work to get it! So the gorgeous bag is sitting in front of me on my desk right now!

    I haven't gotten around to taking pics of it yet. I most definitely will when i get home in a few hour's time. :yahoo: :happydance:
  8. Congrats! That's an excellent choice for your first! Isn't rouge vif TDF?
  9. Congrats!! I wish I didn't wear so much pink as it rules out red bags for me and they always look so nice.
  10. Congrats!!!
    Cant wait to see the pics!
  11. Pics please! I want to drool...
  12. Congrats!!
  13. luna *hugs* WELCOME to the club dear!! :party:
    congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaats sweetie..!! pics pics pics :jammin: :yahoo: :jammin:
  14. Congrats!!!! waiting for the pics :yes:
  15. Sorry gals for making you guys wait for photos that will not be showing up. I found some imperfections in my "brand new" RV and had to return it the very day i bought it.

    Here's the thread i started after i got home Rouge-vif-less.... :crybaby:

    But hey, there's still chance i may find one....