My First B-Bag!!! Blue India Day..Mmmm!

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  1. Hi Gals! I've been a lurker for a little while...I had heard of TPF before but it wasn't until I got hooked on B-bags through some local friends that I had to sign up to read more about them!!

    And today I brought home my first Balenciaga! :heart: My husband bought me the Blue India Day for Xmas. The positive is that I HAVE A B-BAG! The downer is that I have to wait til Xmas for it. But I don't really mind because I just am so jazzed that IT'S MINE, that I won't have to worry about them selling out as I have been hearing rumors of happening, and me having to pay retail+ for one on eBay in a month or two.

    My darling hubby was gracious enough to let me do a mini photo-shoot with the bag before he plucked it out of my sweaty little hands to hide away til Xmas. So here are some pictures. The color is divine, the veining is just right, the leather is really darn smooshy. I love how it just contours to your body...I am 5'7" so it feels like the perfect size for my body and my build. I fell in love when I saw the BI Day at this store 1.5 months ago, and I was lucky enough that they had one left for us to get it today. YAY for B-bags and wonderful husbands! :yahoo:

    Looking fwd to many more b-bags...shhh don't tell hubby! :P
    bi day mara a.jpg bi day mara b.jpg bi day mara c.jpg bi day mara g.jpg bi day mara i.jpg
  2. YYYAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mara, i'm so happy you got your b-bag! I believe i have been banned from PS so i was dying to see how shopping at susans went! It looks perfect! And since you were the one to start this obsession for me....thanks!
  3. oooooh pretty color! Only 37 days 'til X-Mas!!!!!!
  4. Hey Mara, nice to see you here as well! We'll have to have a sub forum group- "pricescope b-bag owners", soon.

    Great bag, great husband and it looks great on you as well.:yahoo:
  5. Congratulations!!! It is beautiful. The leather looks fabulous!! BI is such a pretty color, it really is. :yes:
  6. Love it, congrats!!
  7. Congrats!!! It looks amazing on you! :love:OMG! I think I want one, too, now!:P
  8. hello my fellow enablers :graucho: from PS!

    mara your BI day looks fabulous - i bet you can't wait till Xmas!
  9. hey girlie! Have you told you how gorgeous your new BI day is?;)
  10. A great choice of color!
  11. It's beautiful! The leather looks gorgeous and it's a great color! Congrats!
  12. Yummy color and yummy leather. :drool: Happy early Xmas to you! :yahoo:
  13. GORGEOUS!!! It looks so good with your jeans
  14. i LOVE it- super hot
  15. Very nice, very pretty!! Nice hubby :smile: