My first attempt at making cards

  1. Just made these for my family and friend's birthdays!

  2. More:


  3. Arnott, have you got any idea to use recycled paper? These cards in a common trend can be environmentally friendly at least. Whether you will promote it or not, you can disturb the green idea by these cards.
  4. Very nice! Did you use a die cutting system? I am a scrapbooker, but occassionally i make card too.
  5. Thanks! I have no idea what that means? I just got a cardstock scrap-pack from the dollar store and started cutting!
  6. There are machines that can cut shapes, animals, words, etc for you. Like a Cricut, Quickcutz, Silhouette, etc. Usually they take a cartridge and you can cut elaborate things, like with the Cricut, I have a Sesame Street cartridge and can print out cookie monster, big bird, etc
  7. I see! Nah, it was just me and a pair of scissors! :cool:
  8. Made this today:

  9. [​IMG]