My first attempt at bird's nest pendants!

  1. This was my first attempt making any jewelry period! Hope this picture works:


    Which one do you think is best? My husband likes the nest of the first pendant the best, but doesn't like how the bottom egg is higher than the other 2. He likes the eggs of the third nest best because they lay flat, and he doesn't like the middle one at all because he thinks there is too much wire at the top!
  2. Those are lovely! I agree with your husband, you want to go for symmetry. But they're all wonderful. Are you going to sell them?
  3. whoa.... that's AMAZING! I love them all! if you didn't put them together, I'd say they're all fabulous! In terms of the symmetry, probably the third one is the best, but again, they're all amazing! I can't believe you did these all with your fingers haha

    So you're going to make a pendant or earrings or both out of these? What's the wire material? copper? rose gold?
  4. That was my intention at first but then I decided to give them to family. I let my mom choose first and she chose the one on the right! Now she says I should make them to sell to her girlfriends! And I have decided to keep the small one for myself since it was the first one I ever made!
  5. Thanks! I just let my mom have first pick and she chose the third one! :p When she got home she showed my Dad and she said that he also couldn't believe I made it with my hands. lol

    They are meant to be pendants, that's why I made that hoop at the top. The wire is non tarnish enameled copper, and the beads are turquoise!
  6. wow, thats very creative!
    they're beautiful!
  7. you mom has a good eye :p
  8. So I had bought 10 beads to make the bird nest pendants with and had one left over after making the 3 nests. I was trying to figure out what to do with the leftover bead, and ended up making a ring for my mom even though I didn't have the proper tools or materials (wasn't supposed to use a round bead or wire so soft)! Here is how it turned out. My first attempt at making a ring!


    No, these are not my thick fingers :p:
  9. Thanks!
  10. great job!!! i like number 3 best

    and fantastic job on the ring! I can't quite seem to get those to work right.

    I've been trying birdnests myself - doing a sale this weekend but not sure if i will have these on sale cause i'm not sure if i want to sell them just as a pendants or actually on a necklace
  11. ^Thanks!

    So I still had some leftover wire and used up the rest to attempt my first rosette ring! Didn't turn out as good as I'd like as I didn't have the pliers to pull the wire tight enough on the sides, but this is the best I could do with what I had:



    Anyone know what gauge/hardness of wire is best for making these rings?
  12. My mom also thought the 3rd one had the darkest blue eggs. They all look the same colour to me!
  13. The middle bird's nest is sold! :yahoo: My first sale! lol
  14. Wow!! That is really amazing.

    Of the three nests I would say that I like Nest #3 the most. I think they are all beautiful though and I would wear them all :smile:
  15. congrats!!!!