my first arty collection

  1. My lovely husband got me the best valentines gift,he knew i hav been drooling over the arty rings.
    He went all by hid himself to the store,picked the color combo and sizes.
    Im a bit late in posting my reveal but here you go,i have only worn the cuff once so far,i always feel it would make me overdressed
    ForumRunner_20120602_120156.png ForumRunner_20120602_120212.png ForumRunner_20120602_120233.png ForumRunner_20120602_120252.png
  2. Shots together
    ForumRunner_20120602_120339.png ForumRunner_20120602_120401.png ForumRunner_20120602_120419.png
  3. Modelling shots with fave v rock stud shoes
    IMG_20120602_120614.jpg ForumRunner_20120602_120737.png
  4. Love the ring & cuff and those are some killer shoes too... wow!!!!
  5. Love the jewelry! Oh, and I always have lots of love for a fellow Givenchy-lover.
  6. pretty!
  7. Thanks for posting! I have been curious for a while how the cuff looks when worn. It's gorgeous!
  8. Oh yes its gorge on your wrist but not for a daily look
  9. Hello sista ;)
  10. Thank you
  11. Yes i wore everything fancy for my date with hubby
  12. I LOVE everything! The ring, cuff, shoes, and Givenchy bag!!! I want to borrow everything right now, lol!
  13. Thank you
  14. Lolz....thanks