My First Antigona!

  1. Finally got my black shiny calf small antigona yesterday. Have been waiting to get this bag for ages and after a few failed attempts (which is another story) I finally got my hands on her!

    Here she is :smile:





    Modelling pics



  2. Congrats!! She looks lovely and fits you perfectly!
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congrats 😄
  4. Thank you, I couldn't pull off the medium, it swamped my frame but very happy with the smaller size
  5. Shes a beauty!!! Congrats :smile:
  6. Gorgeous Antigona! How tall are you?
  7. Super classic combo and oh so elegant. She looks perfect on you! congratulatons!
  8. Such a pretty bag...looks wonderful!
  9. Gorgeous, classic, elegant! Enjoy! :woohoo:
  10. Gorgeous, where did you get her? I think harrods and selfridges had some
  11. This is such a total classic! The style is absolutely perfect on you dear! Love it!

    p.s. I need that mirror of yours.........strike that.........I need both the mirror and your gorgeous Antigona!
  12. Oh my goodness! The bag is gorgeous and you wear it so well! Congratulations on this beauty!

  13. I'm 5.4". The medium felt too large on me.

  14. I got her from Selfridges :smile:
  15. Thank you for all your lovely comments, sorry I'm not sure how to multiquote on my phone.