My first and special Miu Miu reveal

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  1. I am so excited I have it now :smile: I love it more than my Chanel, I love it more than every bag I have seen so far!

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  2. ohh a live reveal!! Show us show us!
  3. a little peek and it makes it way more obvious ;)

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  4. here it is, my miu miu lurex stage bag! I dunno why, but I LOVE lurex fabric. Like the Marc Jacobs jacket from last summer that was tweed with lurex. Does anyone else have a stage bag?

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  5. O_O

    The strap is so fabulous!
  6. thanks Kelsey :smile: I think most people actually do not like this bag... but I love it!
  7. ohh I like it...unfortunately, that particular style is too small for me...there were some leather ones that were bigger, those were perfect for my needs...I loved stage bags and practically anything miu miu with silver hardware!
  8. Thank you :smile: I guess I have just been sensitive today because my bf said my stuff looks like crazy circus freak stuff.
  9. Lol....I am sorry, if it makes you feel better you should have seen my DH's face when I came out of the MM store with yet another was priceless! men simply don't understand sometimes.
  10. yeah, they certainly don't understand! I just like colorful stuff sometimes and I can be classic. I have black bags! lol
  11. oh my, Priscilla, I love it!! Mmmmmm!

    And tell your bf to stop being such a crazy circus freak.

  12. hahaha I really laughed out loud :smile: I told him what you guys said and he just laughed :biggrin: and thank you!

    I think some people had issues with this bag not being perfect with the studs and quilting, but for me, the design makes up for that. I love the colors. I would complain if the quilting was bad on a Chanel, but not this.
  13. Oh my gosh, the detailing is exquisite! :faint: Congrats on your new bag!

  14. aww thank you Civicgirl! :smile:
  15. perfect schmerfect. perfect sucks anyway.

    This bag rocks. just looking at it makes me happy.

    Yep, this is the happy bag.

    ..Not to mention cute, fun, elegant, unique, stylish, pretty, different, feminine, sparkly,