my first and second tokidoki

  1. my husband bought me a tokidoki for's a vacanze ciao ciao (hope that's right)... it's really cute and has tons of space.. i'm having a hard time finding a wallet or wristlet for it..
    i was at macys today looking for some and they had none... i did find a famiglia bambinone with no tag and the lady at the register gave it to me for $39...

    i'm in socal, if anyone can point me in the right direction for the wallets that would be great. right now i'm using a coach wristlet for my ciao but i love to match up stuff...
  2. I just had to say: Wow, lookatme, $39 is an awesome price! :amazed: Bambinones retail $130.
  3. Hi there,

    The Tokidoki wallet is called the Denaro. The Vacanze Denaro is sold out on the LSS site, and unfortunately, Macy's doesn't carry Denaros at all. However, looks like Nordstrom still has some online here. Problem with that is you won't know what print placement you're getting until it comes in the mail. With Vacanze it can be a crapshoot. There's been a ton of them on eBay'll pay more, but you'll get to see what the print placement looks like before you buy it.

    Hope that helps!

  4. what a great deal on the bambinone! :biggrin: yay
  5. Try metropark in the malls? not sure if there's one located near you. But that's where I got my denaro!
  6. $39 I'm so jealous!