My first and second Chanel pieces :P

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  1. Thanks a lot for all the helps in the nice subforum :smile:

  2. Do you think I should exchange the wallet to a lambskin classic flap wallet?
  3. The bag is marvelous, while I don't really like the wallet@.@
    If I were you, I'd exchange another one~
  4. great choices! i have a caviar jumbo w/SH, and i adore it! the wallet is cute, and the leather matches ur flap. although, i do prefer the lambskin wallets, the two you purchased look great together! congrats!
  5. I'd get the lambskin - in my opinion you can't beat it, and I'm IN LOVE with the lambskin classic flap wallet. I think the caviar is great for a bag as it's virtually indestructible compared to the lambskin, but a wallet won't be open to so much potential damage as it's usually kept in the bag. IMO.:smile: Great bag by the way!!
  6. For the wallet I think flap style with lamb skin is better.
  7. I love both. Great choices. I wouldn't change the wallet. Congrats on them!!
  8. Thanks for the comments:smile:

    I called NM, and they don't have classic flap wallet. The only lambskin I can exchange is the long quilted wallet, which is the bottom one in the picture.

    Do you think I should exchange?

  9. I just bought the same bag & wallet. I haven't got my wallet yet. It's being send to me.I'm thinking to change the wallet to the lambskin,too.
    when I see your picture, I think I might keep it.
  10. i think they're fabulous, i do love the caviar wallet!

    and i must say, those are nice photos :smile:
    i like the artistic touch on taking the pics :P
  11. ooo! I have that exact wallet and I love it!
  12. Congrats! Gorgeous pieces! While others are saying that they'd prefer lambskin, I'd probably stay with a caviar wallet... I'm kind of clumsy and would worry about my keys scratching the leather in my bag, or something like that. But lambskin is very nice too! (I actually prefer the long wallet style, so if you HAVE to exchange, get one of those ;))
  13. congrats! i love them both!
  14. What a great start to a Chanel collection. Congrats!
  15. I have the wallet in the pictures and I wouldn't exchange the one you have... I really like the one you bought and caviar will hold up great!