My First and Second Chanel Bags have arrived !!

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  1. Fedex has just dropped off my bags at home :yahoo:!! BUT... BUT... I'M AT WORK :cursing:! I cannot concentrate now ... Still have more than 6 hours to go till I get home :hysteric:! I cant wait ... I'm sure all of you can understand the "torture" I am going thro right now! All I can think of are the bags and what excuse I can give to leave work early .... :graucho:

    Thank you for letting me share my happiness (for the bags) ...

    Will post pics of them later. Only you TPFers understand my feelingsssss .... :yes:
  2. what bags are they, share with us!!!! And yes I know the torture!!!
  3. I hate waiting to get home for a package! What are you getting?
  4. OOH!! i cant wait to see!
  5. Ohh, I can't wait!!!:popcorn:
  6. Ooooh! :nuts:

    Hint! Hint! Hint!
  7. :popcorn: :popcorn:
  8. :queen:is there a seat for me, can't wait to see!
  9. You lovely people are making me more excited now :P!
    Okk .. here's the hint ...
    one is a tote from the spring-summer pre collection
    the other is a flap that I posted in search for it just week/s ago... A big thank you to Aprilvalentine for her referral and Delyse for her help in getting me the bag!!

    I cant do any of my work now! GST isnt Goods and Services Tax in definition anymore ... Its all Chanel definition - Grand Shopping Tote :P ... (my next purchase soon hopefully...)
  10. I love a happy ending! So excited for you! :yahoo:
  11. so envious
  12. can't wait for the pics:smile:
  13. Can't wait to see pictures!
  14. i know EXACTLY how you're feeling! my auntie just got back from Paris and i asked her to help me buy a chanel bag.. which she dropped off this morning while im at work so im DYING to go home and take my baby in my arms!! oh gosh time is passing waaay too sloooowlyy... :wlae:
  15. :whistle:show meeeeh...